Sunday, 14 May 2017

How to deal with dilemmas

Ever since I can remember, I've noticed that there are two types of people. The ones that say things cannot be done, and the others that say things can be done. Both sides cannot be convinced otherwise.
Just like the tree in the picture below.
It can be done. It cannot be done. Can it be done? 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Vlad Musatescu - Uncle Andi - "The Detective" and his nephews

My dear Master, it's your birthday again. And we must celebrate it by enjoying your writing.


And, at the same time, someone hit me with a shovel. Luckily, it was made of wood. The shovel, not the head.
“Ay!” I cried in pain, strongly rubbing the crown of my head.
“Why ay?” … “Aren’t you glad to see me?” 
I immediately recognized the voice of my aunt Ralitza.
Confused about her demand, being that she actually expected I could see her while being in total opacity, and after she had hit me in the head, but also due to her unexpected apparition, I kept silence for a moment.
“What’s with you here?” I yelled after a while, as high as I could, in order to let my aunt know about my whereabouts, but also afraid that I might get hit again.
“Well, boy, how could you ask such a question?” the voice of aunt Ralitza reached me, because I couldn’t see her still. 
“Wasn’t I supposed to be worried about your situation, yours and your wife’s, when I saw how much it snowed all night last night? … That’s why I came here, to clear you of snow! …”
“All the way from the Vergului barrier?” I wondered, not believing my ears.
“Exactly and precise!” my aunt informed me. “And I brought two shovels with me…”
“Why two?”
“Because that was what I needed! One, of wood, to remove the snow, and the other one, of iron, to remove the ice… Isn't it technical?...”
Being really glad that she used the first one she mentioned, and not the other one, with which she could have broken my head, I congratulated myself for having such an aunt. More so, because this kind of people aren’t so easy to find. Especially, since the old lady already passed the age of seventy. 
This while the people living in our block of flats had plenty of years to go until their retirement, but slept just fine at the moment.

Way to go, people!