Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Morning's here! The morning's here, sunshine is here.

Joey’s song kept ringing in my head when I saw that the sun was rising. And then, I listened carefully. The true song was sounding even more enchanting. 
Why ruin it by trying to describe it to you?! It’s better that I play it for you.
The measured beat of the train wagons is simply magical. In the past, people living in the countryside used to tell the hour by the passing train. I wonder if they still do it.
I, instead, was helped by the wrist watch: five o’clock in the morning.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Birthday Cake

A few days ago it was my father's birthday. My nephew, who is visiting his grandparents, must have been an even greater gift. In the evening, when my nephew was asked about how he had spent the day with his grandparents, he made the following remark: mom, grandpa doesn't have a cake! And then he discretely pulled himself away from the conversation. After a short absence from the room, my nephew came back singing Happy Birthday and carrying a slice of watermelon. And thus the birthday cake was created.
And more so, an unforgettable memory. Especially for grandpa.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Happy 1st of June, kids!

Excerpt from “Uncle Andi – “The detective” and his nephews” by Vlad Mușatescu

“Al, boy, you must write a book for the children!”
Considering that I was also impressed with the childish request of my nephews from Valea cu Urși, I pondered on it for a while. Then, I told my aunt:
“Do you think it’s such an easy thing to come up with a volume of stories for the youngster?... I don’t think I can do it. Until now, I have only written adventure novels!”
“So what? Do you imagine they haven’t read them too? You are very wrong, beyond being wrong ... . Get on track, man, and write them a book they can understand!”
“A book of fairy-tales?” I somewhat worried asked my aunt.
“Why not?!... Do you think that Prince Charming wasn’t also a detective himself? Didn’t he fight against the evils in the world? Write them some modern fairy tales, with dragons from our age, ‘cause they still exist, you can be sure of that!”
I grinned and then I told my aunt:
“Fine! Fine, aunt Ralitza! But don’t you regret it … . I’ll put you in the book too!”
“Eh! Why? Do I look like a dragon to you?” my aunt got a little scared.

“More or less!” I answered to my sweet old aunt. “But one that will make the little ones smile … ‘cause you cause so much trouble that I am sure that you will become a character adored by the readers! ...”