Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Orange Girl

I must admit. The tile of this book, written by Jostein Gaarder, convinced me. So I didn't bother to randomly read some lines, as I always do before buying a book. 
I told myself 'it's about oranges, so it must be interesting'.
So I carried it. 'Carried it' because I put at least 1000 miles between the bookstore from where I bought it and the place I read it. 
Now I understand why I was so fascinated with the clear sky on summer nights, with Venus and even with the Milky Way. 
I will not make a resume of the book because that would be totally unfair. Not to me, but to the people reading the book. 
But I will add, though, that I haven't been so spell-bound since reading 'The truth about the Harry Quebert affair'. I read all of it at once. It fascinated me, it thrilled me, but mostly, it made me remember a long lost love - The Orion's Belt. 
Trying to find out more about the author, I discovered 'The Orange girl' movie. More details here.
Lucky You!

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