Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Let's make provisions!

I was six years old at the fall of the Communist regime. I didn't have the chance to stand in queues and I didn't join the pioneer movement. But I clearly remember various things being switched off, like energy, heath, water, and I also remember how happy I was when receiving an orange. Just imagine how I felt when receiving chocolate!
Reminiscences of those time can be noticed in my need of always making provisions. One never knows when one runs out of things, so it's better to salt away is a kind of leit-motif for me. This is how I may explain the fact that four years ago, when my nephew was only turning two, I bought him clothes that fitted a six years old. I looked at them, in the store, and I told myself that they could be a little big, ignoring the label that stated the age. Better larger than smaller, I told myself, and I left the store happy. We laughed for years of my purchase. Four, actually. Finally, this year my nephew was able to wear them.
Today, I realized that one can keep learning and making progresses. That's how I did not buy my nephew a blouse that needs to wait for four years in order to fit him, but only three.
Better to have than not to!

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