Thursday, 23 June 2016

A seemingly goose dog

I keep staring in fear every time I arrive on the street I live. A few weeks ago, one of the neighbors that live in houses with yards decided to give her K-9 a walk in the street. Actually, a very honorable deed. The only problem is that she considers that as long as her dog is not aggressive towards her, it’s the same case for everybody else walking in the street. So, she let it take a walk by itself. Like our grandparents used to do in the countryside when they let their flock of geese wander about in the street.
The first time I saw it walking alone in the street, my heart stop beating. I waited for a while, watching it how it passed by my block of flats, and then, I slowly entered the building.
The second time, a child came out from a yard and measured noses with our walker. Horror swiftly spread onto his face. He started crying and gave a somewhat impression of wanting to run. Out of nowhere, the dog’s master appeared and yelled that it is best for him not to run. ‘It’s very important that you do not run!’, she yelled. It’s fine that these days we can still find people that could tell us what is important not to do. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if she hadn’t appeared then.
I have nothing against walking the dog! Of course it must be taken out for a walk from that narrow place in the yard. But in a leash and accompanied by its master. Especially, when we’re talking about a K-9.
And just as I am writing these lines, a lady is walking her two small dogs which could fit in a pocket of a coat. Both in leash.
It’s not that hard to make a small effort for the others, is it?!

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