Wednesday, 25 January 2017

6 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think You Are

I was asked to enumerate six signs showing that someone is doing better than they think. Here they are:

Are you in front of your computer, sipping your coffee and feeling guilty about spending too much time browsing through the internet instead of doing something else? Say, looking for jobs or finding that plumber to finally fix the sink that has been leaking for a week now?
Well, the time of guilt has ended. From time to time, everybody needs something to boost their morale. And since you’re here already, take a glance at the list below. This is to praise the wonderfulness of you. Chances are you might give yourself more credit after reading the list below.
1. You haven’t lost your interest about what’s around you
Curious people are more and more praised. Have you asked yourself why? Researchers found that the human brain must always be challenged in order to function at its best. That’s why companies tend to hire people that prove to have that certain thirst for knowledge for they’re an asset. Look in the mirror: remember that your curiosity is always an asset. Now brush your teeth and you’re ready to go.
2. You don’t compare yourself to others
We all go through those times when we feel sorry for ourselves. No matter the reason, somehow it always seems that the grass is greener on the other side. It’s better to think about all the good things you have in your life instead of that only one thing you don’t. It’s easier than it seems, trust me. Start by making a list and proudly display it in your room. That’s how you never lose focus.
3. Diversity
People tend to surround themselves with peers that have similar interests, but that often leads to boredom. Just imagine: having to talk over and over again about the same topics. Diversity is cool! If you have friends to talk about politics or last night’s tennis match, but you also have friends that give you book or movie recommendations than you’re set. Plus, you’ve got quality friends.
4. You have a purpose in life
You’re jobless, and your mother has stopped asking ‘What are you going to do with your life?’. Your friends have stopped fixing you up with total strangers, and your grandmother no longer asks you when to buy that special gown for your wedding. The truth is that they have stopped doing that because of you. Your message has been successfully conveyed and they understood that you have different expectations. You go, champ!
5. You still got it
A bad hair day and you ooze your way out of the store, hurrying home. But wait! A stranger totally checks you out, despite the fact that you’re still carrying some holiday weight. Oh, and there’s more: that stranger has given you their phone number. You’re back in the row, baby!
6. You’re funny
Well, we can’t all be Chandler, but it feels good to know that you can make your friends laugh their pants off, from time to time. Misery does love company, but if it gives you enough material to make your friends laugh, then at least you have your own audience, your own stand-up comedy show. Seinfeld, watch out! (I couldn’t risk; maybe you’re a Seinfeld fan)

These are the six signs I thought I could bring to your attention. Have you found yourself in one of my brain pickings? If so, I would love to know which one/ ones. Do you have your own six signs to suggest? I would be proud to add them to this post.  

Let me know your thoughts!

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