Monday, 6 March 2017

About arts

When I was a child, I had this idea that arts were something that I could never understand, experience, feel or describe. Famous paintings used to be shown to us, kids, in order to open our minds towards the arts, but the complex universe of arts remained a mystery. We only knew that a certain painter was famous for a certain painting. Of course, the famous saying 'when you say Grigorescu, you say ...' would follow and torment us more. It was clear to us that we would never understand anything about arts. We did not experience that thrill that was clearly experienced by the person saying the aforementioned phrase. We were, thus, condemned to ignorance. 
It is very easy to believe the worst things about oneself (this I heard in a famous movie J), and even easier to believe that arts are not for everyone. Well, we cannot all say that we can paint portraits and pastel paintings. But we all deserve to search within arts, to not be stopped by a painting that does not talk to us. Nor about arts, nor about ourselves.

Then, years after that, the word artist was mostly followed, either in a loud voice or not (like a boomerang), by the famous phrase - one day cheerful, one day sad. Even some of the most famous artists' pictures or potraits convey the message that artists are uncomprehended beings. Well, from this point of view, I think we are all artists.
Around the year 2007, I found myself drawing and painting and vigorously wanting to do this. Shortly after, I realized how good it made me feel. Whenever I hear people talking about the benefits of meditation, I can only resonate with my feelings when drawing or painting.
As a conclusion, the arts represent something that can be understood. Not in a general way. But picking small part after small part from the beauty of an enormous artistic universe. Moreover, the arts can be felt and let felt, experienced and even described.

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