Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Student, 2016

I am writing under a strong impression left by the movie “Ученик” (in English, The Student).
One of the main characters in the movie says, at a certain moment, that puberty is a mental illness that is surpassed once adulthood is reached. I liked this phrase very much; even more because the adolescence period seems to always include elements impossible to be explained or anticipated. The movie centers upon an adolescent, Veniamin, who is looking for himself and finds comfort and support in the values described in the Bible. Being convinced that he must give himself entirely to the cause of the Bible, Veniamin refuses other alternatives and thus appear various conflictual situations. But Veniamin is not the only one refusing to consider other opinions or options. An entire world around him seems to live like he does, only not to the extremes.
A multitude of things appear in antithesis and I will not expose any of them, but there is an extremely touching metaphor at the end of the movie. That uneasiness dominating our society for a while now. Namely, having to choose between zealotry and the attempt to remain equidistant, taking evidence as guidance.

I also recommend this movie because you will be more surprised than you'd think.

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