Monday, 14 August 2017

Augustin Buzura - Report on the State of Solitude

Addiction. One feels it taking control over oneself every time one opens one of Augustin Buzura's novels. I read the first pages and I remembered how hard it was for me to accept that the novel Requiem for Fools and Beasts was coming to an end (yes, it was ending against my will). From time to time, I take pauses from reading, becoming aware of the fact that I want to prolong the time spent reading this novel. Fear makes way to curiosity. Then, to addiction. Pages are quickly turning, one after the other, and I find myself already at the middle of the book. The fear takes over, once more. That great fear that the novel is ending too fast. 

Those who haven't yet given up on finding answers about themselves and about the yeast they came from will absolutely adore this novel. Fear of loneliness and of death appear to be, at a first glance, the central themes of the novel. When, actually, the fear of life is the one wearing the crown. Augustin Buzura's prose is as perfect as a polished diamond, shinning brightly from whichever angle one looks at it. 

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