Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Handbag Mirage

It’s odd how we come to discover things we have so long forgotten about. For example, in my case, the fascination with my mom’s handbag. Every time she came back from work, I used to greet her in the hall and ferret about for ‘something good’ in her purse. If I ever believed in magic, well that’s totally due to my mom and her purse. For it always contained something to thrill me.

Recently, my nephew reminded me of the handbags wonderment. And even more, he taught me about the expression on the believer’s face. Being into chewing gums, especially the melon flavored one, my nephew asked me if I didn’t have any in my purse. I told him no, but started looking through my bag for something just as good as that. Thus, I found a piece of candy. His blue eyes sparkled with rapture and a large smile took over his face. I was magical!!! 
And I intend to keep it this way for I’m always going to have ‘something good’ in my handbag.

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