Friday, 4 May 2018

On the occasion of Vlad Musatescu's birthday

Today we celebrate 96 years since the birth of the Romanian writer who marked my adolescence and, later on, my writting style. Another year went by and I was able to enjoy his works, his jovial and forever young spirit. I cannot imagine what my love for books, for humorous people and adventures would have looked like, had not been for Vlad Musatescu's books. But I know how all of these are because he took the time and opportunity to write them. Is there a greater joy?! And thus, my pledge is to give that joy to you, too. And keep his memory alive.
Vlad Musatescu lives on!

‘You stress yourself in vain, master! You won’t wake up mister teacher even if you fire off a gun… It’s the same for me, too!’
‘What do you mean, you’re just as difficult when you drink?’, I angrily asked.
‘Me? Ever since I’m reformed, I don’t drink anymore. I was talking about mister teacher. I know him for a while, now. It’s the same for me, too. He falls asleep in the carriage, and I can’t wake him up…’
‘And you don’t know his address?’
‘No! Since he doesn’t talk… How can one find it out? I only work during the night. And I take mister teacher in my carriage only when his drunk, ‘cause he only drinks at night. Otherwise, he’s a great man. I take him up to my home, I put him in the same bed as my wife, but I sleep between them so no fuss is created, and on the next day he pays me off. Even the rides I did not make… ‘cause he’s a fair man.’
(excerpt from “Approximate Adventures”)

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