Saturday, 10 September 2016

Sieranevada, 2016

The movie 'Sieranevada', directed by Cristi Puiu, seems to have the structure of an onion. Skin removed after skin, one discovers new faces of a person, of a happening, of a relationship. The main character of the movie is the authentic Romanian family. And I dare to draw this conclusion judging by the laughter in the movie theater when ‘moments in the family’ were represented. Something, even the most insignificant detail displayed can be found in our families, in all our families.
The variety of subjects tackled in the movie is complex. Whether old or young, the subjects strike a chord with/ within us. The so much hated or so much preferred subject, Communism, is also discussed. But the discussion does not stop at it. Various clich├ęs that one digs one’s feet in regarding the way life should be lived, internet and what role it has in our lives, and, of course, conspiracy theory are also tackled.
'Sieranevada' could be called a comedy. Which wouldn’t exactly be incorrect. There are parts in the movie where one laughs one’s head off. But I would be wrong to call it in such a hollow manner.
'Sieranevada' is exactly like in the picture above. A painting, and for the ones who wish it, a masterpiece. But not just any painting. A painting on the move, just like Gioconda’s eyes following one anywhere one might move around the room. It is the vivid representation of the Romanian spirit (one we should not be ashamed of), as it has evolved for the last 27 years.

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