Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What courses have you got today?

This morning, I  was in a hurry to the bus station. The low temperature convinced me to hide my hands in the depths of the pockets. I was thinking that I was wrong to tie a scarf to my neck (which, actually, was giving me a hard time for it kept snuggling in one side giving permission to the wind to coarsely caress my neck), when a winter scarf would have done me justice. I looked up at the board hanging from a pharmacy: eight degrees Celsius: Brrr, it’s freezing! No wonder I’m so cold’, I told myself.
‘What courses have you got today?’, a blonde haired-girl asked another next to her. They both moved in slow motion as if they didn’t care that soon the bell would ring. I was right behind them and, selfishly, I envied them for their backpacks on their backs. They sure kept them warm!
‘English, Maths, Sports, and Romanian. What about you?’
‘Romanian, Geography, Maths, and English’.
It seems like a life-time ago when I used to have the same time distribution. Yet, something has not changed: life’s easy for no one.

You, what courses have you got today?!

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