Sunday, 11 February 2018

'Fifty Shades of Feminism'

To openly state nowadays that one is a Feminist seems to me a deed of great courage. And that because one must face public contempt. When hearing the word Feminists, people envision angry and harry women that hate men.
The book 'Fifty Shades of Feminism' tries to debunk prejudices regarding Feminism. Not only that Feminism takes various forms, but it continues to self-update itself year after year, whether we realize it or not. Fifty women give their opinions regarding this movement, idea or way of living, if you wish. Fifty opinions that make one realize that one did not know, actually, everything about Feminism. Opinions that make one wonder and start cleaning the dust upon one's own prejudice.
A book that must be read by women and men, boys and girls, teenage girls and teenage boys and everyone being under the impression that they have understood the entire spectre of their existence.

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