Sunday, 13 November 2016


Reading the book ‘The wizard king Ștefan Iordache’, I found myself swept away in a magical world where words are bricks.
Words are bricks not because they are solid and we might hurt the ones we throw them at. Words are bricks because in the world of actors they represent stability. Ștefan Iordache answers, one by one, general questions regarding life, profession, love and devotion. If one is patient enough to filter those answer inside, one may reach the bricks I mentioned before. Then, pictures and statements of those that knew him come next in the book, gently laying over the declarations of Ștefan Iordache. One finds common conclusions between the actor's statement and those of the family, former colleagues and collaborators, and that's such a great thing. It seems that those people really knew the true self of Ștefan Iordache. 
I remember the first time I learned what is an actor.
I was watching the series 'La piovra', when the poor inspector Corrado Cattani found his tragic end. I started crying and my parents could not comfort me. Dad even came with a nougat to the rescue. It didn't help. Then, mom told me: 'he is an actor, what you see is a role he plays. Well, do you think that if it was true actors would gladly go get hired in order to be shot dead?!' The firm look in her eyes convinced me, even though the image of the fallen inspector haunted me for a while.
Then, years later, on a Sunday, in the Saint Nicholas Church in Tulcea, an actor entered. He had a long white flax shirt, hanging out from his beige pants. I immediately recongnized him, insatiably staring at him. He seemed so tall that his crown touched the ceiling. And then I remembered my mom's words. He was an actor that had come down from the screen into the reality that also encircled me, and thus my mom had not lied to me.

What is an actor?, quivers inside of me  from the recital of Horațiu Mălăele. And from there I receive an answer: 'who, look, you see through me/ what is evil and what is good'.

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