Wednesday 17 April 2024

The Corporation. Typologies and Survival Guide – Emilia Muller

When it comes to our jobs, working in vain is not at all a foreign concept. An example? Until you receive the OK from your manager about the newsletter that needs to be sent, the campaigns included in it have already expired and you must redo the work. Or you must remake the slides in PowerPoint or (re)color the cells in Excel at the manager’s request until you find out that the project has been cancelled. Well, I did not stop at giving one example, it’s true.

I am happy to announce the publishing of ‘The Corporation. Typologies and Survival Guide’. I gathered here stories about going to job interviews, getting hired, resigning, and getting fired. Then, I divided colleagues and bosses into categories, specifically those that suck all our energy and motivation dry at our workplaces. I included some tips and tricks in order to survive such typologies, and at the end a corporation lexicon (a Rom-English dictionary used by people in Romania, especially in corporations).

More details you can find by accessing this link – and you can also browse through the book 

Monday 15 April 2024


I think Bogdan Simion is someone I could listen to with no stop whatsoever – talking and singing. 

He speaks so passionately about music, instruments, influences, adding historical data that leaves one enchanted

And when he starts singing, before you know it you’re in another world. A world where your body no longer belongs to you, and some elves are moving it about. But Bogdan Simion makes sure to bring you back gently to where you left from, and then you remain bewitched thinking of the place you just visited and you know that you’ll do everything in your power to listen to him again so that you can meet the wonder half way through.

Saturday 13 April 2024


When one receives a parcel from home for the garden on the balcony. 

San Marzano tomatoes

Bell pepper

For those unfamiliarized with the vocabulary used in Tulcea, chushka means hot pepper.

Monday 8 April 2024

Vlad lives on!

And so another year has passed and I was thinking about what paragraph to prepare for you to read from Vlad Musatescu, when, searching on the internet, a picture I have never seen before of Vlad drew my attention. Then, I read the title and I was very happy. Vlad lives on because some people refuse to let him be forgotten.

Today, the book arrived, and I browsed through it very thrilled. I cannot wait to read it!

If you want to read it as well, you can find here more information.


Congratulations, Mr. Dodo Nita! And many thanks.

Saturday 6 April 2024

The Circus in front of the House – Adrian Sângeorzan

One is convinced of the true art of writing when one feels right in the middle of the action described in the book, when one smells, tastes, sighs, laughs, cries, hopes, and waits together with the characters in the book. This book entails a sort of mysticism, a special scenery where the reader enters, being at the same time free and a prisioner of the magic of words. And the magic continues for the reader with the moment of riding the elephant. Actually, I am still there, in that particular moment, and I am writing to you, enchanted by the things that were, are and continue to be, regardless if the space allows them to exist all at the same time.

And below, a couple of paragraphs to give you the crave of reading this book:

“… Wrappings were, in those times, more important than the contents... “

“I went back to the vineyard, and I laid down next to grandpa, who was sound asleep, as it’s usually the case with peasants. Some people go to sleep at dusk and wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning or when God taps on their shoulders. I dreamed the most colored dreams and in my sleep I could hear the grapes ripen.”


“… he had been a pantomime professor in Paris, before the war. A slightly odd art that entails people playing the game of make belief, moving about so convincingly that one believes they are truly doing it. If I think about it, he should have been a hero in the current work environment... “