Saturday, 20 May 2023

The Floppy Disk

My nephew turned 14.

And since a couple of weeks ago we had some laughs when explaining to him what a floppy disk is, I made him a T-shirt with the image of a floppy disk. Black and large, as he told me to.

Two weeks were enough in order for the nephew to forget what a floppy disk is, so we had other laughs while trying to remind him. I can’t stress how much we laughed when we asked a friend of his to tell us what is represented on the T-shirt. ‘An mp3’, he replied very sure of himself.

Wednesday, 17 May 2023


Romanian folk music is home to me. But not in space or time, but in the protection I feel any time I hear it. Sure, I have my own preferences and there are melodies that I keep listening to and which, yes, bring me back to a certain space or time. But the feeling I get when hearing them is hard to put into words. Yes, sometimes words have their own limitations. And far be it from me to be the one to hold a grudge against them.

And since I love lists, I will mention a couple of the songs that bring me back people, moments, and spaces, like a branch that one pushes in order to pass by and then it comes right back to its place.

Gheorghe – summer kitchen, village, grandfather

Dă, mamă, cu biciu’n mine (translated: mom, whip me) – father and his pick-up; an evening with a dear friend, both laughing a lot

Când văd vremea c-a trecut (translated: when I realize all the time that has passed) – home, tata, pick-up

Cine bate seara la fereastra mea (translated: who’s knocking at my window?) – the sea

De cine mi-e dor și sete (translated: I feel a deep longing for someone) – Bucharest, a former work colleague who is a fan of the songs sang by Liviu Vasilică; mom because she is also a fan of Liviu Vasilică

Mai ții minte măi dragă Marie (translated: Mary, do you still remember?) – laughter and childhood

Thursday, 11 May 2023


I can't stand exaggerations and falsities. And it seems to me that sometimes certain situations or people are described in exaggerated terms. Everything is amazing insomuch that we are no longer able to recognize truly amazing things or people. If everything is amazing then nothing is.

So I am suggesting a musical redress. Containing amazing, of course. Or, as they say, like cures like.

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Friday, 5 May 2023

On the radio

Friday evening. To go out or not?

We choose the latter, and I telephoned to a sushi place for home delivery. The lady at the other end asks me to tell her my telephone number so she can identify me in the system. I barely finish saying the numbers when she tells me: you have such a voice for radio!

Well, it's all set. Professional reorientation? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Now, I have a new answer to these. I am going to get a job in radio. It suits me just fine. I have been waiting for a while now to have my chance to enchant people with my voice. Who knows, maybe I'll even sing for them!

Thursday, 4 May 2023

We honor you, dear Vlad!

Vlad Musatescu’s works inspire me all year long, but especially on this particular day. Here below you will find an excerpt to lift your morale. The excerpt is from ‘Uncle Andi – The Detective and his nephews’:



I know that since I watched my wife prepare my coffee with milk. She puts two spoons of milk powder, then she adds a lot of water, cocoa, and that’s it.

Well, what remains is for me to solve a great issue. Namely, how to convince the cow to make milk powder.

Anyway, future will decide in this matter, too.

Then, I went and cleaned the cow. Also by using the hose. After that, I dried her up by using my bed linen. The cow loved it. So much that she even tasted a quarter of it. But when the time came for me to milk it, no milk was coming.

I guess it’s due to the fact that I wanted to suddenly modernize it. But I won’t give up. I will try to convince it to eat a kilo of cocoa just before milking her. And then, for sure, it will give me cocoa with milk that I can offer to my nephews. Science conquers all!...

Sunday, 30 April 2023

Boss, 2023

                                                                                (copyright imdb)

I am always happy to watch new Romanian movies. Therefore, I could not miss the new movie directed by Bogdan Mirica, especially since I enjoyed very much his movie Dogs.

In the beginning, the action drawls, but the end will make the viewer understand the clues sprang at the start of the movie. Together with three men that he does not know, Bogdan takes part in an armed robbery that ends in a casualty. Working as an ambulance technician, Bogdan starts showing remorses and as he tries to find out more about the identity of the three men things get dangerous.

Moral, social, but also mathematical problems give the action a distinctive red thread, and the viewer is often invited to choose one of the presented versions. 

I recommend this movie especially to those that enjoy watching psychological thrillers.