Sunday 17 September 2023

My Heroes – Viorel Ilisoi

If you have had enough of those ‘amazing’ and ‘must (do/ read/ etc.)’ things, then you’re just like me, searching for that human spark, sensibility and goodwill, and thus this book is exactly what you need.

Viorel Ilisoi artfully writes about his heroes. There is care and consideration in his words that seem to blossom from the story and carve the margins. For it seems to me that the stories he tells were already alive before he started telling them and they just needed attire made from Ilisoi’s words to gain a shape we could easily recognize.

I was deeply touched and gladden by his stories. There is such beauty in this rarely seen human kindness!



The serious, severe, impenetrable professor suddenly becomes quiet, like a broken clock, and his eyes, like a piece of living glass steamed by the whiteness of old age, start to moisten. He keeps quiet for a long time, yet all his thoughts can be heard.


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