Wednesday 22 March 2023


There are a couple of things that I can’t stand, and one of them is aggression. Moreover, it steps on my nerves to see that people using aggression are sure they will convince me.

I am a rather stubborn human being, aware of the passage of time and I don’t like to loose my time or to cause somebody to loose theirs. So when my phone rang and a lady told me I am the client of the month (it wasn’t really clear on what she supported this assumption) and they thought about calling me and telling me about a campaign they had for health insurance, I politely declined mentioning that I do not want to waste her time.

The lady easily regrouped and asked me about the reason for my rejection. There was no need for further explanations so I told her I was not interested and that I wished her a good day. She talked over me and asked me the following question: are you one of those that consider that insurance should be made only when in need?

Here it was where I ended the conversation, I thanked her and ended the call. But I cannot help to draw  some conclusions/ statements about this conversation:

The scripts they use for guidance when talking with clients need updating. Obviously!

It’s rude enough that you invade my time, but you must also insult me for being one of the harebrained?!

It’s not nice to talk down to someone. I am the only one who should decide if I want another type of health insurance and what I do with my money.

Do they really sell by having this atitude?


I understand that people working in sales must be more assertive, but let’ not forget that one catches more flies with honey.

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